Police Executive Leadership Institute

Developing current and future leaders through an immersive curriculum and mentor experience.

PELI Classes

An important Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) strategic goal is to develop current and future leaders. MCCA has developed a leadership program aimed at high-level police executives who have a strong desire to become a police chief or sheriff. The Police Executive Leadership Institute (PELI) has completed eight classes, comprised of 157 participants. Nearly one third have become Police Chiefs in MCCA and other law enforcement agencies.









Graduate News

December 2022

PELI VIII graduate Alan Murphy has been selected as the Police Chief in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Congratulations and best wishes to Chief Murphy and the Medicine Hat Police Service!

November 2022

PELI II graduate Fady Dagher has been selected as the Police Chief in Montreal, Quebec. Congratulations and best wishes to Chief Dagher and the Montreal Police Service!

September 2022

PELI VII graduate Adrian Diaz has been selected as the Police Chief in Seattle, Washington. Chief Diaz has served as Interim Chief for over two years. Congratulations and best wishes to Chief Diaz and the Seattle Police Department!

July 2022

PELI IV graduate Michael Sullivan has been selected as the Police Chief in Phoenix, Arizona. Congratulations and best wishes to Chief Sullivan and the Phoenix Police Department!

May 2022

PELI VII graduate Eric Smith has been selected as the Police Chief in Orlando, Florida. Congratulations and best wishes to Chief Smith and the Orlando Police Department!

April 2022

PELI IV graduate Paul Noel has been selected as the Police Chief in Knoxville, Tennessee. Congratulations and best wishes to Chief Noel and the Knoxville Police Department!

PELI VII Graduate Sherry Burlingame Named Police Chief in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

December 2021

PELI VI Graduate Wally Hebeish Named Police Chief in Long Beach, California

December 2021

PELI VII Graduate Kathy Lester Named Police Chief in Sacramento, California

December 2021

PELI III Graduate Fred Ross Named Police Chief in Provo, Utah

December 2021

PELI IV Graduate Ramon Batista Named Police Chief in Santa Monica, California

October 2021

PELI VII Graduate Joseph Chacon Named Police Chief in Austin, Texas

September 2021

PELI II Graduate Jaime Ayala Named Police Chief in Edinburg, Texas

August 2021

PELI VI Graduate Christopher Davis Named Police Chief in Green Bay, Wisconsin

July 2021

PELI V Graduate Karl Oakman Named Police Chief in Kansas City, Kansas

May 2021


PELI VI Graduate Troy Finner Named Police Chief in Houston, Texas

March 2021

PELI VI Graduate Harold Medina Named Police Chief in Albuquerque, New Mexico

March 2021

PELI V Graduate Patrick Gallagher Named Police Chief in New Bern, North Carolina

March 2021

PELI VII Graduate Mark Francisco Named Police Chief in Cheyenne, Wyoming

February 2021

PELI VII Graduate Shawna Coxon to Join Ireland's National Police and Security Service

February 2021

PELI VI Graduate John Drake Named Police Chief in Nashville, Tennessee

December 2020

PELI VI Graduate Paul Neudigate Named Police Chief in Virginia Beach, Virginia

September 2020

PELI VII Graduate Ryan Lee Named Police Chief in Boise, Idaho

June 2020

PELI I Graduate Heston Silbert Named Arizona Director of Public Safety

March 2020

PELI VI Graduate Scott Kreher named Chief of MARTA Police

February 2020

PELI I Graduate Alfredo "Freddy" Ramirez III Named Police Director of Miami-Dade, Florida Police Department

January 2020

PELI II Graduate Danielle Outlaw Named Police Commissioner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

January 2020