My Fellow Law Enforcement Leaders,
It is with great pride that I serve as President of the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA). It is not lost on me that men and women who I have the highest respect for as colleagues and friends, and who have dedicated their lives to protecting the people of this nation and the world, have placed their trust in me to advance our organization and continue the evolution of our noble profession. We are living and serving at a time of great upheaval in our nation and around the world, creating unparalleled challenges for the amazing men and women we lead, and the communities we serve. Please rest assured that I and the leaders of MCCA and the organizations we lead will strive to do everything within our spheres of influence to enhance the safety and security of the diverse communities we serve, and will continue to lead efforts to reform our criminal justice system.

The 21st Century has brought exciting advancements in policing and lead to the transformation of our profession on the basis of evidence-based initiatives. Despite critical budgetary and staffing constraints, we have achieved significant reductions in crime. Our collective commitment to the utilization of data and intelligence, and reliance on evidence-based approaches to inform our crime fighting strategies, have propelled these reductions. I am proud to lead an organization that has been the driving force in the United States, Canada, and beyond in an evolution that has moved law enforcement from a primary focus on safety and security, and into an era where peace officers are trained and equipped to save thousands of lives by rendering emergency medical aid. Today, when our officers encounter medical emergencies, we are saving an untold number of lives that in the past would have been lost by applying tourniquets, blood clotting agents, and Narcan.

The Major Cities Chiefs Association is comprised of the largest law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada, and several other nations. We have always striven to influence public policy related to the criminal justice system, not on the basis of political calculation, but on the basis of professional judgment. Our members have dedicated our entire adult lives to public service, and this current cadre of leaders have been part of the driving force behind the development of a community policing, collaborative approach to our critical mission. More importantly, our members have delivered historically low levels of crime to the cities we serve. As such, we will continue to be a forceful voice in the implementation of criminal justice reform, and priorities in our member nations, states, and cities. I encourage you to read and disseminate the policy statements, reports, and other documents found on this website to guide public policy discussions within your communities and organizations.

As MCCA President, I am accountable to our members and the communities we serve. We in law enforcement have the awesome responsibility of improving the quality of life for our fellow citizens, no matter their station in life. Ask any law enforcement professional today why she or he entered the profession and overwhelmingly the answer will be to make a difference and to help people. In order to achieve our collective desire to “make a difference”, I hope you will agree with me that life is about relationships and effective relationship building is the key to positive outcomes.

As such, I will champion what I call “Relational Policing,” which is a mutual responsibility between the police and the community we serve, but for the men and women in blue it is also a sworn duty. The tenets of “Relational Policing” are simple, yet when consistently pursued, they lead to safer communities, improved officer safety, and a high quality of life.

Use the acronym TRE(E)AT to remember the tenets of Relational Policing. The tenets are as follows:

T = Transparency
Be transparent to the greatest extent possible in everything we do.

R = Respect
Respect everyone we come in contact with and always have self-respect.

EE = Engage tirelessly and strive to build “emotional capital.”

A = Accountable
We must hold individuals accountable for their actions, and be accountable for our own actions.

T = Trust

As illustrated above, let us all strive to serve and interact with one another respectfully, commit to engagement, and strive to build emotional capital while always holding each other accountable so we can build and reap the benefits of trust.

Thank you for the privilege of serving as President of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, and for visiting our webpage. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I or a member of the MCCA can be of service, and here’s to the safety and security of the communities we serve and the women and men we lead.

With Warm Regard,

Art Acevedo, President
Major Cities Chiefs Association