PELI V Class Completion

March 2018

MCCA's Police Executive Leadership Institute (PELI) participants completed the program at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC on March 6 – 9, 2018. The fifth PELI class had 20 participants. The PELI program includes two classroom sessions, a 360 degree assessment, and participants are assigned a mentor that they visit during the program.

PELI V participants include: Lonzo Anderson – Dallas PD, Jeff Becker – Oklahoma City PD (not pictured), Kevin Brezinski – Edmonton PS, Paul Cook – Calgary PS, Eric Dalgleish – Tulsa PD, Stephanie Daniels – Miami-Dade PD, Patrick Gallagher – Virginia Beach PD, Greg Gonzalez – Omaha PD, Damian Huggins – Nashville Metro PD, Michael John – Cincinnati PD, Alex Jones – Baltimore County PD, Chris Jones – Las Vegas Metro PD, Anna Kudrav – Pittsburgh PB, Frank Mancini – Boston PD, Chris McIlvain – Austin PD, Karl Oakman – Kansas City MO PD, Samir Patel – Prince George’s County PD, Steve Rai – Vancouver PD (member of PELI IV), Barbara West – Chicago PD, Robin Wimberly – Philadelphia PD, and Cornelius Yarbro – DeKalb County PD.

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